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Welcome to Art Bridge
Bridging Traditional Art To The Metaverse
What is Art Bridge?

Art Bridge is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to help traditional artists produce, authenticate, publish and sell their artwork as NFTs. We aim to become the premier platform for artists looking to expand their horizons to the NFT market. We will offer artists end-to-end solutions to onboard their work to the blockchain.

Art Bridge is the vision of a team of crypto-natives who are fully immersed in the DeFi/crypto space and have seen first hand the potential of NFTs to disrupt the art world. We see a gap in the market where many talented artists could benefit from the global exposure offered by NFTs, but are unable to access it due to technical limitations.

Unlike other popular projects that are solely focused on Generative Art, we aim to serve the untapped traditional art market that already has a large audience. We are in preliminary discussions with various well-known traditional artists in Asia and look forward to introducing their work to the Metaverse as we usher in the future of art.

Our development team has the technical capabilities to launch and manage a wide array of NFT projects ranging from generative collections to standalone 1/1 artworks.

How we work with artists

Art Bridge aims to become the premier platform for artists looking to expand their horizons to the NFT market. We want to help artists focus on their art, and not worry about all the technical aspects of bringing their art onto the blockchain.

We will offer artists end-to-end solutions to onboard their work to the blockchain. Our service offerings include:

  • Market Research: Assisting artists to gauge market interest for their art style and developing a go-to-market strategy.
  • Marketing Support: Working with artists to finalize NFT designs and pre-launch marketing support leveraging our network of industry connections.
  • NFT Minting: Generating NFTs based on approved designs. All technical requirements from smart contract creation to a customized landing page for the artist are handled seamlessly by Art Bridge.
  • NFT Sale: Launching the project on the Art Bridge platform and subsequently listing the project on secondary markets like OpenSea and Rarible. Additionally, ensuring that all sale proceeds and royalties are being directed to the predetermined addresses.
  • Client Support: Providing top-in-class multilingual customer service to answer any queries from prospective buyers.

Curation of our collections

The process of onboarding traditional artists is extensive. We will work hand in hand with artists in the initial phase, artists/creators are selected by Art Bridge team to ensure we deliver the highest quality art and build a successful Art Bridge branding together. In Q1 2022, we will open the curation onboarding process to the community and artist committee.

In terms of licensing, artist of each project will specify the intellectual property right and commercial right for the NFT token holders before the minting process is initiated. The artist may grant additional copyright to collectors in the future without any additional cost and action from NFT token holders.

Powered by Art Bridge

We want to extend the technology we build to all traditional artists. Although some artists may not able to onboard as Art Bridge Curation collection, anyone can leverage our platform and service to launch their NFT artwork under the Powered by Art Bridge model. To ensure a high level of quality for collectors, we reserve the right to terminate the content on the platform without explanation.

What we have planned for Art Bridge
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Art Bridge aims to bridge the gap between Traditional Art and NFTs by guiding artists and creators on their journey to the digital domain.